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More new Gmail features

Even though Google introduced Anti-Virus capabilities to GMail recently, now they have introduced another set of new features which are available at What's New page.

FeaturesWeb Clips
This will allow users to view news and RSS feeds inside GMail, without having to leave the GMail page.
View Attachments
With this you will not need to download or open attachments of many file types as it provides a "View as HTML" feature.
Supported file types are;
.pdf, .doc, .xls, .ppt, .rtf, .sxw, .sxc, .sxi, .sdw, .sdc, .sdd, and .wml.

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Google Desktop tweaked to block attackers

Due to a bug in Internet Explorer, data of Google Desktop (in user's machines) was in danger. Google has fixed it quite soon and users do not have to apply any patch as they have done it on their end.

But according to the news, Microsoft is still looking into the bug.

Why Microsoft can not make a bugless browser? We know that developing a software without any bug is an (so-called) impossible task. But Microsoft is always issuing patches?

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Rename a database in MySQL through Linux console

Steps to follow to rename a database in a Linux environment can be listed as follows.

1. Stop mysql
Use $ kill -9 [processID]
2. Search the place where the database folders are stored
Use $ mysqladmin variables | grep datadir
3. Goto the folder which contains the database folders
4. Rename the folder
Use $ mv
5. Start mysql
Use $ mysqld_safe &

A Baby Named Google

Today only I heard that a child is named Google, actually Oliver Google Kai born on September 17th 2005 as son of Walid Elias Kai (a Ph.D. holder in search engine marketing) who is also a Google fan.

He is having his own home page, and also a blog.

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A poem by an African Man

Dear White fella............ Couple of things you should know.....

When I born, I Black,
When I grow up, I Black,
When I go in Sun, I Black,
When I scared, I Black,
When I sick, I Black,
And when I die, I still black.......

And you White fella,
When you born, you Pink,
When you grow up, you White,
When you go in Sun, you Red,
When you cold, you Blue,
When you scared, you Yellow,
When you sick, you Green,
And when you die, you Gray.................

And you calling me Colored ???????????
Quite correct but innocent idea. I love this poem very much.

Google set to display books

Google Print resumes its work from today for books and other contents that are not covered by Copy Right Law. So the authors of the books can decide whether they want their books to be available on Google print or not.

Google print also would be a great help for people who are trying to find a good book to buy since it allows you to read some parts of the book.

Scored 98% - Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform 1.4 (CX-310-035)

I scored 98%.

Today is a very special day for me as I could comprehensively complete the Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform 1.4 (CX-310-035) exam. I could score 98% which is believed as to be a great score.

I got ready for this while I was too busy with a new project in my office. But I was able to some how manage and complete the exam with a great score.

And if you are having any questions or clarifications I may be able to help you. Just put me a mail with an explanation, so that I will help you on clarifying those.

Google vs Microsoft - Case over Dr. Kai-Fu Lee

According to a news after the court case over Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, from today Dr. Lee will be working for Google on the lab at China, but he is not allowed to work on the areas that he was working under Microsoft such as Search and Speech Recognition.

Both of the companies say that they have won the case. Anyway hearing that Dr. Lee is back on work is nice.

Anyway in this case there are two sides as I feel. Microsoft has a right to say that Dr. Lee should not be using what he gained at Microsoft in a competing company like Google. In the other way if he is not using those, then it is ethical for him to work in a competing company.

eBay is on fire

Today I heard two impressive news on eBay.

One news is that eBay is buying Skype for $2.6 billion. The next is eBay plans to acquire in a $620 million cash transaction.

Buying Skype would be great communication tool for the buyers and sellers at eBay. But according to an older news, Google and Yahoo were in the battle for buying Skype (which did not come true).
Now eBay will have to take part in the competition with Google (VoIP-bound Google Talk), AOL (VoIP-bound AIM), and Yahoo (VoIP-bound Dialpad integration).

According to these news, is eBay moving to a competition with other internet gients.

Google hires the Father of the Internet

A big event happend at Google. As a news said Google has hired Vint Cerf (Vinton Gray Cerf), the Father of the Internet.

Cerf's job title will be 'Chief Internet Evangelist', as though Google needs one of those. His role will be to build network infrastructure, architectures, systems, and standards for the next generation of Internet applications.
He will also continue in his role as the Chairman of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
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This must be related to the news on Google's plan of launching their Own WI_FI network.

So is that news going to become true?

By concentrating only on the cup, we fail to enjoy the coffee in it

Today I found a nice little story which reminds us that we have a great life to live.

A group of alumni, highly established in their careers, got together to visit their old University of Notre Dame lecturer.

Conversation soon turned into complaints about stress in work and life. Offering his guests coffee, the lecturer went to the kitchen and returned with a large pot of coffee and an assortment of cups: porcelain, plastic, glass, some plain-looking and some expensive and exquisite, telling them to help themselves to hot coffee.

When all the students had a cup of coffee in hand, the lecturer said: "If you noticed, all the nice-looking, expensive cups were taken up, leaving behind the plain and cheap ones. While it is but normal for you to want only the best for yourselves, that is the source of your problems and stress.

What all of you really wanted was coffee, not the cup, but you consciously went for the better cups and are eyeing each other's cups." "Now, if Life is…

TheServerSide Creator Floyd Marinescu leaves TSS after 6 years

According to a mail from Floyd Marinescu, Editorial Director of TheServerSide Communities and co-editor of, has decided to leave the Company after 6 years of work.

As is one of the best sites that provide quality and new technology discussions and articles, he must have contributed a lot. So your great work is appreciated. I hope the good work at will be continued even with the absence of Floyd Marinescu.

Is Google building their own WI-FI network

Today morning I so an impressive news related to Google, the search giant.

Google seems like building their own network through out America. As google has bought resources for providing network services this may become real soon.

As Business 2.0 says, Google is already building such a network, though ostensibly for many reasons. It's also acquiring superfast connections from Cogent Communications and WilTel, among others, between East Coast cities including Atlanta, Miami, and New York. Google has sponsored Wi-Fi hotspot, built by a local startup called Feeva. Feeva is reportedly readying more free hotspots.

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But will Google become a free ISP? How huge will be the impact on ISP industry? What do you feel?

OpenOffice 2.0 Beta released

Today I saw that OpenOffice 2.0 beta second release is available for testing now.

As the OpenOffice site expresses;

Beginning with version 2.0 uses the open standard OASIS OpenDocument XML format as the default file format. The OASIS OpenDocument format is a vendor and implementation independent file format, and thus guarantees freedom and independence.

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Actually I saw this news through one of the blogs at blogspot


Microsoft released a beta version of the new file system named "WinFS" (Windows File System).

What is WinFS
"WinFS" is the code name for the next generation storage platform in Windows "Longhorn." Taking advantage of database technologies, Microsoft is advancing the file system into an integrated store for file data, relational data, and XML data. Windows users will have intuitive new ways to find, relate, and act on their information, regardless of what application creates the data. Also, "WinFS" will have built-in support for multi-master data synchronization across other Longhorn machines and other data sources. The platform supports rich managed Longhorn APIs as well as Win32 APIs.

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The biggest enhancement to Longhorn that is being pulled from the 2006 release is WinFS (Windows File System), said company officials in Redmond, Wash. WinFS is a next-generation storage subsystem that allows advanced data organization and manageme…

Today is one of the happiest days in my life as I got my public domain: One of my friends, Maduranga helped me lot in purchasing this. Thanks a lot Maduranga.

I thought of redirecting it to my blog. Later I will buy some space in the web to host my home site (which is not ready yet).

As yesterday was my 25th birthday, I will never forget the day I got my domain.

So a grand ice cream treat was ready for all my friends in the office. (If you were not in my office!!! hard luck. You may have missed it.)

How to avoid the top five IT mistakes

Got a chance to read article named "How to avoid the top five IT mistakes".

Five Mistakes are;
1. Too much customization
2. Skimping on training
3. Absentee management
4. Freewheeling consultants
5. Assuming you're finished

Point number 1. is something that I'm also trying to point out in project meetings as most of the time people think on customizations which they would never ever use. And sometimes providing that much of customization leads to a mess.

What do you think?

Happy birthday to me

Today is my 25th birthday.

Firefox Browser

The Firefox browser is an excellent browser among the availables today. I found an interesting article that compares the Firefox browser and the IE browser (Internet Explorer).

So of the interesting features are;
- Tabbed browsing
- Popup blocking
- Prevent scripts from doing various things
- More control over text zooming
- Block images from third party sites
- Cross-platform
- Open Source
- Huge range of extensions and ease of installing extensions

Read all the 101 things that the Mozilla browser can do that IE cannot.

I installed some more extensions for Firefox today which are listed below.

- CustomizedGoogle
Adds a selected set of search sites like yahoo, ask jeeva,.. to your google search result page. Also provide an easy customization.
- Tab X
This is an extension I was looking for. This adds a close button to each browser tab which is not availble in default Firefox.
- Gmail Notifier
Browser notifies for new mails. Still only the new mail arrival is shown, but showing the mail headi…

Microsoft sued Google

As the search engine competition is in a top level with google, yahoo and microsoft competing, I heard a news today as follows.

Microsoft sued Google yesterday (07.19.2005), for hiring one of their top employer to head a new research lab in China. As Microsoft argued that taking such a position in a direct competitor is illegal. And also Microsoft point the finger towards Google for encouraging him to do so.

As news expalined, Dr. Lee is a well known character in the industry and he has worked for Silicon Graphics and Apple.

When google is growing so fast while offering new wide range of services, losing Dr. Lee will be a huge issue for Microsoft to retain in the competition.

So we'll look forward to see the continuation.

One interesting point I noticed was the demand that Bill Gates have given to the qualified professional in this industry, as he says that the major problem is talented computer science graduates.



Today I found a good web site which consists of news on new Techs. That is Seems it provides news in all most all the techincal fields. I was mainly focused on the Open Source portion.

Some of the interesting news I found today are;

Firefox Patch
Patch releasing has two practices. One is to release patches at the end of each month and the other is to realese as soon as it is ready.
I feel that patch releasing as soons as possible is the best way since recovery of an attack will be much harder than applying a patch even in a large scale organization.

As the news explains 39 percent of the people still reading the messages and clicking on links embedded in the emails. As they says, this is a known method for spammers to detect if an email address is being used, and as a result 57 of the latter group reported that they started receiving more spam.

Sun Microsystems moves towards Ope…

Google News

"Google News" provides a well organized and a customizable view for NEWS.

You can customize the viewed news by providing key words. And also the news can be prioritize according to your requirements. So news searching and organizing is done by Google, we just have to watch it.

I have created a customized News View for me. You can check my configurations and even you can use that as your customized view.

My Customized News View

Add search facility

Google, the best search engine provides the ability to add search facility to your own web sites for free. Also they have provided a set of code snippets.

I added the search facility to my blog today.

AMNS - a multiplatform MSN messenger clone

Since MSN Messenger is only for the Windows platform, this is a good alternative while you are on Linux.
According to the project description it supports;
- All 32-bit MS Windows (95/98/NT/2000/XP)
- All POSIX (Linux/BSD/UNIX-like OSes)
- Linux
- OS X

I tried it on Mandrake Linux 10.0 and it worked fine. AMNS is provided with a variation of plug-ins for the look and feel.

AMSN - MSN messenger clone

What is a Blog?

First of all I searched on "what a blog is" before starting to write my blog. This is how I feel. The way I understood may not be the perfect.

A blog (shortened from weblog) is a web based method of collecting any information that you prefer. There is no restriction on what you can or can not blog, it is totally up to the owner to decide whether to have some information or not. This can be maintained as a diary, as a way of expressing your thoughts to the public, as a way of keeping track of the important information and also as a way of making a discussion with the viewers.

All the blogs are displayed with the timestamps and are sorted so that the new blogs are at the top. This makes easy for the visitors to view latest blogs. Blogs provide the visitors with the facility to submit comments, so that this can become a discussion.

A comprehensive description on "What a blog is":

Create your own free blogs:

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