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Today I found a good web site which consists of news on new Techs. That is Seems it provides news in all most all the techincal fields. I was mainly focused on the Open Source portion.

Some of the interesting news I found today are;

  • Firefox Patch
    Patch releasing has two practices. One is to release patches at the end of each month and the other is to realese as soon as it is ready.
    I feel that patch releasing as soons as possible is the best way since recovery of an attack will be much harder than applying a patch even in a large scale organization.

  • One-in-Ten-Web-Users-Have-a-Taste-for-Spam
    As the news explains 39 percent of the people still reading the messages and clicking on links embedded in the emails. As they says, this is a known method for spammers to detect if an email address is being used, and as a result 57 of the latter group reported that they started receiving more spam.

  • Sun-Open-Sources-Its-Authentication-Technology
    Sun Microsystems moves towards Open source. But I wish the complete java platform not to become Open-Source.



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