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Microsoft released a beta version of the new file system named "WinFS" (Windows File System).

What is WinFS
"WinFS" is the code name for the next generation storage platform in Windows "Longhorn." Taking advantage of database technologies, Microsoft is advancing the file system into an integrated store for file data, relational data, and XML data. Windows users will have intuitive new ways to find, relate, and act on their information, regardless of what application creates the data. Also, "WinFS" will have built-in support for multi-master data synchronization across other Longhorn machines and other data sources. The platform supports rich managed Longhorn APIs as well as Win32 APIs.

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The biggest enhancement to Longhorn that is being pulled from the 2006 release is WinFS (Windows File System), said company officials in Redmond, Wash. WinFS is a next-generation storage subsystem that allows advanced data organization and manageme…

Today is one of the happiest days in my life as I got my public domain: One of my friends, Maduranga helped me lot in purchasing this. Thanks a lot Maduranga.

I thought of redirecting it to my blog. Later I will buy some space in the web to host my home site (which is not ready yet).

As yesterday was my 25th birthday, I will never forget the day I got my domain.

So a grand ice cream treat was ready for all my friends in the office. (If you were not in my office!!! hard luck. You may have missed it.)

How to avoid the top five IT mistakes

Got a chance to read article named "How to avoid the top five IT mistakes".

Five Mistakes are;
1. Too much customization
2. Skimping on training
3. Absentee management
4. Freewheeling consultants
5. Assuming you're finished

Point number 1. is something that I'm also trying to point out in project meetings as most of the time people think on customizations which they would never ever use. And sometimes providing that much of customization leads to a mess.

What do you think?

Happy birthday to me

Today is my 25th birthday.
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