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Microsoft released a beta version of the new file system named "WinFS" (Windows File System).

What is WinFS
"WinFS" is the code name for the next generation storage platform in Windows "Longhorn." Taking advantage of database technologies, Microsoft is advancing the file system into an integrated store for file data, relational data, and XML data. Windows users will have intuitive new ways to find, relate, and act on their information, regardless of what application creates the data. Also, "WinFS" will have built-in support for multi-master data synchronization across other Longhorn machines and other data sources. The platform supports rich managed Longhorn APIs as well as Win32 APIs.

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The biggest enhancement to Longhorn that is being pulled from the 2006 release is WinFS (Windows File System), said company officials in Redmond, Wash. WinFS is a next-generation storage subsystem that allows advanced data organization and management and improves the storage and retrieval of files.

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The next Windows release won't ship with the WinFS unified storage system, one of the three key components of Longhorn, as outlined by Microsoft at its Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in October last year (2004).

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WinFS has a new synchronisation engine that can index disparate Windows files in a way that would enable users to more easily search and catalogue them. Pretty much what Google does already.
So will "Google Desktop Search" be vanished? I don't think so. What do you feel?



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