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Showing posts from November, 2005

A Baby Named Google

Today only I heard that a child is named Google, actually Oliver Google Kai born on September 17th 2005 as son of Walid Elias Kai (a Ph.D. holder in search engine marketing) who is also a Google fan.

He is having his own home page, and also a blog.

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A poem by an African Man

Dear White fella............ Couple of things you should know.....

When I born, I Black,
When I grow up, I Black,
When I go in Sun, I Black,
When I scared, I Black,
When I sick, I Black,
And when I die, I still black.......

And you White fella,
When you born, you Pink,
When you grow up, you White,
When you go in Sun, you Red,
When you cold, you Blue,
When you scared, you Yellow,
When you sick, you Green,
And when you die, you Gray.................

And you calling me Colored ???????????
Quite correct but innocent idea. I love this poem very much.

Google set to display books

Google Print resumes its work from today for books and other contents that are not covered by Copy Right Law. So the authors of the books can decide whether they want their books to be available on Google print or not.

Google print also would be a great help for people who are trying to find a good book to buy since it allows you to read some parts of the book.
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