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What is CRUD?

The word 'CRUD' is a acronym in the computer world. It stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete. Sometimes R in 'CRUD' is used for the word Retrieve and D for Destroy.

Most of the time 'CRUD' is related to SQL database operations as follows. C: INSERT R: SELECT U: UPDATE D: DELETE

JUnit Getting Started

Main objective: Write a test case using JUnit as simple as possible.
Approach: First write a class, then write the TestCase and the TestSuite.
Readers:   Should have some experience or knowledge in Java JUnit is a regression testing framework written by Erich Gamma and Kent Beck. This is used by developers to implement unit tests in Java.Why unit testing is needed? With unit testing the end product is completely checked for the correcteness of the code. With the time, the set of tests grow and the ease of testing improves. One of the most important things is that developers can be confident on the code and less time needed for debugging. What is JUnit? JUnit is a Test framework. The features available are; Assertion methods (test methods) Running tests (TestRunner) Aggregating tests (test suites) Reporting results (text based and GUI based) One factor that developers may worry is : the developers has to write tests.

Writing a JUnit Test in 5 minutes First add the junit.jar file to t…

06:06:06 06/06/06

If you check the date and time today at 06:06:06 in the morning, you will see that it's full of sixes.

06:06:06 06/06/06 This will appear again only after 100 years. If you were living at that time (2106), better to add a comment saying this blog is 100 years older.
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