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Happy birthday to me

My 26th birthday is today.

You know...
Leo Tolstoy, one of greatest Russian authors was also born in the same day as myself, but in 1928. If he was here, he would have celebrate his 178th birthday.

I'm not a author like him, but a good logical thinker (as I feel).

"I tried" Vs "I did"

A conversation in a court.
Judge : You have tried to kill him, and trying to kill is same as killing. So you have done a crime. I demand you to pay money of Rs: 1,000,000/=.

(Verdict thinks for a while.... Put his hand into his bag. Count cash and take Rs: 1,000,000/= to his hand and try to give it to the officer who waits to collect money. Then puts that money back into his bag).

Judge : Why? Don't you pay money? You have to pay it !

Verdict: (Softly) I tried to give him the money which is same as giving money.

Judge: (puzzled !!!!)
Even though this story is a bit debatable, there's something to learn.


So better to avoid saying "Yes I tried, but ...".
and start saying "Yes, I did it".

What do you feel?

Today's To Do List

This is a To Do list that matches many people who stay infront of a computer for the whole day. "Playing Solitaire" can be changed with whatever the game you play so that it can exactly match you. At the end of the day if you think a bit, you'll recognize that you haven't done anything valuable but just wasted the day.

If you are one of those, it's time to change the pattern and add something important to the list.

But, this does not apply to all of you.

Four liquid stages of life

This is how life goes from birth to death of many people in this world.

My first ever article published

I'm really happy to announce that my first ever article (a tutorial) got published yesterday, which was related to JUnit one of the greatest unit testing tools for Java.

You can have a look the tutorial at JUnit - Getting Started

This was first published on my blog (here) and due to the comments and appreciations from the readers, I decided to publish it.

World Record Test Cricket Partnership - 624

The two Sri Lankan cricketers Mahela Jayawardana (captain) and Kumara Sangakkara (vice captain) put a world record partnership - 624 for any wicket on last Saturday (29/07/2007) against South Africa, a leading cricket team. This is the first time a partnership grew over 600 mark in cricket history.

In this brilliant knock the scorecard of the two players;
Mahela J - 374 (752 mins, 572 balls) with 43x4 & 1x6 Sangakkara K - 287 (675 mins, 457 balls) with 35x4 This is Sangakkara's 4th double hundred (& carrier best) while Mahela's first ever 300. This is the 21st time a player passed the 300 mark ever in history.

Updates for record booksWorld levelBest partnership for any wicket - 624 runs (& so the best partnership for the 3rd wicket as well) 576 - Sanath Jayasuriya & Roshan Mahanama (SL) v IND 1997467 - Andrew Jones & Martin Crowe (NZ) v SL 1990Best scores by two batsmen in the same innings. Garfield Sobers (unbeaten 365) and Conrad Hunte (260) fo…
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