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[JBoss 4] How to change port 8080 in JBoss?

With default configurations, JBoss listens on port 8080 for web connections. But this can be changed easily as this port is defined in an configuration xml file.

This is how port 8080 is changed on JBoss 4Go to the deploy folder of the server instance you use. Go to the jbossweb-tomcat55.sar inside that deploy folder. Find the file named server.xml inside that folder. (tomcat service file).
Look for the HTTP Connector section inside the server.xml where 8080 configuration is available. Change the port value to what ever the required port number.

This change will be applied only when JBoss is restarted.

What is ACID?

In database world, ACID is an acronym. It stands for; Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation and Durability. Databases should have these four features for them to become a reliable databases. All of these four features relate with transactions.
A transaction has to be completely committed or roll-backed, a portion of the transaction should not be committed to the database due to any issue even on a hardware failure.
After any transaction the data in the database should be correct and valid according to the requirements. Database should not be having any illegal data after a transaction.
When two or more transactions exists, one's behavior should not give invalid data for the other transaction. That is, when one transaction is in progress, the data alterations made by that transaction should not be visible to any other transactions.
After the commit operation is acknowledged by the database, the data inside that transaction should not be lost. …
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