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[Cricket] World record - Six sixes in one over

Herschelle Gibbs, 34 yrs South African right hand batsman made a big record on 2007-03-16. He did this against a leg-spinner, Daan van Bunge of Netherlands in the 30th over.

This is where those bullets went.
29.1 : long on
29.2 : long off
29.3 : long on
29.4 : deep midwicket
29.5 : wide long off
29.6 : deep midwicket
Gibbs got 72 off 40 balls with 7 sixes before Van Bunge caught him in the next over at long on.

West Indies great Sir Garfield Sobers and India's Ravi Shastri had done this six sixes in one over during first-class matches. But this is the first time in an international match.

Congratulations Gibbs.

World record test cricket partnership


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