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Cricket: Sri Lanka won by two runs over England in World Cup 2007

Sri Lanka vs England super 8 match was on 2007-04-04. They played an amazing match, it was the best game so far in this World Cup. Even that was one of the greatest matches I ever had watched.

Sri Lankans were all out for just 235 runs causing many discussions to calculate how many runs should have been added to make it a winnable score. Then England started batting, but they were 12/2 after 6 overs.

Over 20: Englands were in a comfortable situation, 100/2 with a RRR(required run rate) of 5.4. But this was easily reachable as Pietersen was batting impressively putting Sri Lankans under pressure.

Over 34: Pressure on Englands. They were 134/6, with a RRR of 6.4. And Sri Lankans needed only one wicket two celebrate the tail enders' fun. And England fans were dead silent.

Over 46: But that required wicket didn't fell and England batsman were rotating the strike well and they were 217/6 with a RRR of 9.5. But this was easily reachable as both the batsman were well established. It was just 19 runs from 12 balls.

Sri Lankans were under huge pressure, two more overs to go. Who should ball the late two overs?

Over 49: Lasith Malinga called for the 49th over. Big task for young Malinga.
1 1 0 1 W 4
This is a fantastic over. Malinga got the needed break through, but the last ball went for a four.

Over 50: Last over, 6 balls more to go, needs 12 runs. Who should ball the last 6 balls? Chaminda Vaas had two more overs, Sanath Jayasuriya had two more... No no it was Dilhara Fernando to ball the last over.
49.1 - 1 run
49.2 - 4 runs
49.3 - 2
49.4 - 1
49.5 - 1

Just 3 runs from the last ball, the well set batsman Bopara was facing. Dilhara came to ball the last ball, but stopped at the last second. Crowd get confused!!! He came back again, and balled him!
Oh! Dilhara balled him! Can you believe it? Sri Lanka won the match just by 2 runs.

What a fantastic game? You should have watched it.

Congratulations Sri Lanka.


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