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Why Software Projects Fail?

Today I read a nice set of ideas on "Why Projects Fail" by Andrew Stellman and Jennifer Greene (ppt or pdf). They have analyzed and categorized the reasons for failures of projects. That led me to write this post.Ways a project can failThings the boss does Top level may not be communicating well with the rest of the members to pass the knowledge that they got on the requirements or they may not have gained required knowledge. Also some of them may be over confidence on what the team can actually achieve, so they make a guess and resulted in huge issues on development phase.Things the software does One major problem is receiving unclear incomplete requirements at the start, but has to continue on what is available. This is a huge problem as it would be too late when it's figured out that the the software does not match the expectations of the end user.Things the team should have done Development team also should think wisely and accept the project deadlines. Usually a …

Adsense rounded borders for ads formats

Google Adsense has come up with a new feature for ad borders, that is "Corner style". This features improves the look and feel making an advantage for site developers.

Now publishers can choose between 'slightly rounded' or 'highly rounded' corner (two sample are shown here). If your site has a rounded template this will help a lot.

To apply this change for existing Adsense ads, you only have to add another line to set another value inside the script. Set the value of "google_ui_features" as follows.
google_ui_features = "rc:6"; google_ui_features = "rc:10";
"rc:6" is for 'slightly rounded' while "rc:10" for 'highly rounded'.

Jar utility can compress files?

Java archive creator is the Jar tool. Is it just a packaging tool or does it compress and package (like zip utilities)? It can compress and package, also by default compression is on. So all the jar files that others have created so far may be compressed (since they did not turn off that).
How to disable Jar compression You can turn off the compression feature by using the 0 (zero) option of the jar command. The command would look like follows.
jar cvf0 TicTacToe.jar *.class
So what's the big deal? It's always better to compress it!!! Many may think so?

No, that's not the truth. There are reasons why you should turn off the compression. For a situation where a jar file is loaded to a browser, uncompressed jar will be suitable over a compressed jar. Uncompressed JAR files can generally be loaded more faster than compressed files because the decompression overhead is eliminated. However there's a trade-off, for an uncompressed jar download time over a network may be …
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