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Would Google Adsense let a website earn $100,000 per month?

With Google Adsense earning $100,000 per month!!! Feels like day dreaming? Are there web sites earning around 100k dollars per month; shockingly and interestingly the answer is yes. There are some few sites that earn this much; even more than that.

Believe me

A social site named "PlentryOfFish" owned by "Markus" has earned more than $900k in two months while "ShoeMoney" blog earned more than $100k in one month. See the proofs here and here. So the good news is we should try now and reach there since it is possible.

Analysis of sites earning with Adsense

  • Monthly visitors
    Number of visitors is a huge factor considering the Adsense revenue as visitors help revenue increase; so having a healthy visitors base is a must.

  • Adsense ads placement
    Many sites have been using text/image advertisements rather than going for text only ads or image only ads to change what user sees at first. Adsense text only ads are placed before/inside/after articles; but 250x250 / 300x250 ad formats are mainly used inside articles which would attract reads attention easily and quickly. Also one more point to note is the placement of 160x600 wide Skyscraper advertisements on to left or right bar running parallel to article content. Google Adsense Ad units are not much seen. One important point to note is the color matching of the ads with site content.

How can you reach there

Since every website or blog is unique, suitable adsense ad type, colors, sizes and places differ from each other; also whether to choose image only/text only or text and image also differ. Must choose between rounded corners(LINK) or not; depending on used web template. Best approach is to experiment many combinations of these and decide the best matching format. Adsense channels become handy in testing ads; as each ad placement can be assigned a unique channel which ease the experimenting and lead to accurate decisions. As an example; one channel may be named "leftBar.468x60.Pal3.21092007"; as the name suggests all features of used format, analysis would be really easy. Between one to two months will be enough to judge one advertisement format.

While experimenting for best Adsense ad formats, one important point to note is " publishing valuable contents frequently is a must".


  1. That is my dream ,if 100 a day cool for me.

  2. Hey Misi, I wish you to reach there.

  3. 100K a month on adsense? ....!
    Hai Kamal,
    I dreamt that much so long, but so hard it seems. I cant get any much traffic to my blog. Could you pse give some tips how to bring massive visitors to my blog. I put new post twice a week but not much help either. Search engine crawls so far away from my blogs..
    You might have some tips i could use..
    Thanx Kamal. Have a nice day..

  4. Hi Badleeshah,

    Seems you have quite a number of blog, I looked at one of them.

    Click Through Rate (CTR):
    I suggest you to try different combinations of ad formats and colors; so that you can find the best CTR.

    Page Views:
    The best way to attract more and more visitors is: write more and more useful content.

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  8. $100,000 per month is a great income but you need to get alot of traffic to achieve it. SEO is the best recommended way of achieving that kinda traffic at the cheapest cost.


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