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GWT not working on Internet explorer 7 (IE7) giving "Element not found" javascript error

GWT web application started to give "Element not found" javascript error message on Internet Explorer 7 (IE7)? This application worked fine on Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox 2. Now your best guess would be; GWT not working on IE 7 properly. Wasn't it?

But the scenario became confusing and unbelievable because your application worked fine on IE7 in some machines while not on some others. Have you faced this issue? Then the below solution is for you.

This issue can be fixed by a making a change on windows registry.

Steps to follow are;
1. Open up the Registry editor - type regedit on command prompt.

2. Look for the key shown below

3. Click on the "Default" row and see the value there. If it's value is "C:\WINDOWS\system32\shdocvw.dll", then that is what causes the above mentioned issue. If you have installed Windows in a different drive; C:\ must be replaced with the that letter.

4. Replace that value with "C:\WINDOWS\system32\ieframe.dll".

5. Now restart IE7, and load your GWT application.


  1. Hey, appreciated your post here. I was getting a similar error while trying to use IE7 to access oracle applications, and this resolved my problem. Many thanks!

  2. Thanks ........... this resolved my problem.............................:)

  3. This worked for me as well, I had a web login that would not process the password...nothing happened no message other than the error in the lower left of browser.

  4. I am also another Oracle Apps user with this problem. Your solution fixed it! Thanks for posting this.

  5. THANK YOU! Now to know why this was mis-set in the first place...

  6. Thanks a lot.
    Even though this problem was not related to this application but it solved the same problem on another application.


  7. Many many thanks to you!

    I am really surprised, was stuck to fix a simple bookmark javascript code. it works for me too!

    Thanks you again!

  8. WOW!

    This is crazy. I wonder what other JavaScript bugs this the root cause for in IE7?

  9. Thanks - this solutions also works for IE8.

  10. Thanks so much for this solution, it works like a charm.
    I was facing the same issue while submitting OTL Timesheet in Oracle Time and Labor and it worked fine after this registry change.

    Many Thanks

  11. Thanks I too was having issues with oracle apps and this fixed the issue!


  12. Thanks for this - great help!!

  13. This fix was perfect for us as we are having issue with Oracle HR Self Service. The problem is something on certain machines is overlaying the register key with another value and then this fix is truncated. Has anyone using any Oracle application found and Oracle solution to the issue instead of the register key change?

  14. Works like a charm...I was having problem with Google Translator, thanks for the posting.

  15. Hi Kamal,

    Thanks a lot. Resolved the show stopper problem in our application


  16. genius. fixed my Oracle R12 / IE7 problem

  17. Big thank you !! I solved this problem..

  18. Very,Very thanks. My problem was resolved :-)


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