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File Splitting Free Software - TheFileSplitter

TheFileSplitter, as name suggests it is a file splitting software. When thinking about file splitting, the first option that comes to our minds is WinZip which is a commercial one (costs $29.95 per standard single user license). But TheFileSplitter is completely free and no need of installing; just extract and use. It is only 71kB in size.

1. Completely free.
2. Installing is not mandatory, just extract and use.
3. User can specify any size for file pieces; starting from a smaller value as 1 byte.
4. This software is not needed at the event of recreating the original file; what??? yes, not needed. It creates a small .exe file (above 40kB) file which can reproduce the original file using the pieces of that original file. So receiver does not have to install or download any splitter software; or even no need of knowing how splitting is done.

Performance Analysis
Software is analyzed by us using different file sizes and different piece sizes. For the same piece size of 500kB; three files are tested and time comparison is shown below. It clearly shows that the file size does matter dramatically on the speed of splitting.

A 1GB file is split for different piece sizes from 500kB to 500MB. Time spend comparison is graphed below which mainly shows that the speed has not much connection into the piece size.

Download here.
Note: This software is only for Windows platform.


  1. Thanks for sharing.
    But can you suggest a good free zip utility; since it's better to zip before splitting. (I guess that's one reason why WinZip is that popular).


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