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Six sixes in one over in Twenty20 Cricket - World record

Six sixes in one over in Twenty20 (Twenty Twenty, T20) Cricket? Oh! World record!!! It was an amazing over; all the balls went over the rope like rockets. The Start was Yuvraj Singh from India, and the poor bowler was Stuart Broad (England). This happened on 2007-09-19, in Twenty20 world up match. Yuvraj did this in the 19th over.

Unsurprisingly, he scored 50 runs in 12 deliveries, creating another world record. And think for a minute? He scored 50 with 3x4 and 6x6, which adds upto 48 runs in 9 balls. This world record will not be broken for a longer time and will stay than any other record?

With this six sixes, Yuvraj joined the club of Six Sixers as the 4th person. Before him; West Indies great Sir Garfield Sobers and India's Ravi Shastri joined there while Herschelle Gibbs joined this club this year in March. Well done Yuvraj.

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