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If Michael Phelps is a country himself alone

What if Michael Phelps is a country himself alone rather than representing United States of America? Michael Phelps has already gathered 8 Gold medals in Beijing Olympics 2008 including 3 relays. Most of the participating countries happened to go back empty hand, so many players are participating knowing they are not up to the level of winning a medal. But consider this man, he's breaking world records in most appearances.

If he is playing himself alone as a separate country named "Phelps" he would still have 5 Gold medals and ranked as 11th country in Beijing Olympic medal table. Around 200 countries will be behind him. Medal table would look as follows.

2USA14 (19-Phelps)

He is creating new history with a set of world records and we are really proud to see such a person in this planet. We doubt any one living right now in this planet will be able to witness another performance like this in their lifetime. If they could, it will be again only by this big man. This is fabulous! one person winning 8 Olympic Gold medals while so many countries are trying at least to win one bronze medal for their country to mark their presence.

Now Michael Phelps has 14 Olympic Gold medals in three Olympics becoming the most Olympic Gold medal holder in the world. As he is only 23 years, this is going to be just the beginning in his career and all of us wish him to swim more than 10 years to create so many world records to raise the standards in this planet into a superior level.

We love to see an amazing man like Michael Phelps in this planet.


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