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Google redirect to incorrect country domain: Fix on Firefox

Google servers identify the country of the googler and redirect to the relevant country domain. They may be using the IP of the request to locate the country before the redirect. However there are situations many googler getting redirected to incorrect country domains. For example, even though our requests are generating from Sri Lanka, most of the time we are redirected to another country (Taiwan) domain. Some misconfigurations at the routers or at the ISP may cause this issue, which makes it harder for a general browser user to get that resolved. This automatic redirect mechanism does not depend on the browser used.

Following is a quick fix to this issue. However this will only work on Firefox browser, sorry friends if you are on another browser.

Install Redirector extension

Redirector is a small extension available for Firefox, and it supports most of the versions ranging from 2.0 to 3.0.*. (we are using latest Firefox; 3.0.3). You can freely install it from here.
If you are a newbie to Firefox extensions; just click the "Add to Firefox" button in the web page and click "Install now" in the pop up box. You must restart Firefox, to complete this installation.

Now you will see a small icon in status bar (bottom right corner) as shown here. This is the redirector extension we installed above. You can enable/disable this extension just by clicking on this icon.

Configure a redirect

Right clicking on that Redirect icon will display a settings panel. Click "Add.." button to add a new redirect.

Now we have to fill 3 options in this new redirect box.

1). Include Pattern: Here you must try the incorrect Google country domain url. As our incorrect country domain is Taiwan, we set the following as "Include Pattern".*

2). Redirect to: This is the place where you specify the correct country domain url. As we live in Sri Lanka, following is the redirect url for us.$1

3). Pattern Type: Set this to "Wildcard".

It's done, quite simple. Now the Redirect settings box will look somewhat similar to the above image.

Now try and load Google home page, and it will display the country domain home page you set in the redirect settings.


  1. This is just as bad as the NoRedirect addon.
    Google prevents the redirect and gives you a blank page, until you type the /ncr thing, and then works until you change your ip.
    Load of bullshit.


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