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[Tutorial] Connecting Apache httpd and Tomcat servers

Apache Tomcat is a Servlet/JSP container and used to deploy dynamic Java contents like JSPs and Servlets. Tomcat has some web server capabilities, however it is not a full blown web server to serve high traffic web sites. In the meantime Apache HTTP server is a full blown web server. So in general Tomcat is configured along with Apache HTTP server to maintain a healthy web site with dynamic content. This article will cover the steps of configuring HTTP server and Tomcat connection, however this will not discuss installation details of Apache or Tomcat.

System RequirementsApache HTTP server installed download from herewe used version 2.2.10 for this articleApache Tomcat installed download from herewe used version 5.5 hereShort Names Followings are the short names used to denote folders used in this article.
%APACHE_HTTP_HOME%denotes Apache HTTP Server installation directory. In our testing machine, it is "D:\ASF\Apache"%CATALINA_HOME%Tomcat installation directory; for example…
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