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Winning Plus grows! Loosing Buzz dies at Google

Google has decided to shutdown Buzz in few weeks raising the closed product count to around 20. With the growing popularity of GMail, Google introduced Buzz in February 2010 as an integrated product to GMail which could easily attract users into Google's Social Networking product.

Subversion 1.7 Released - Under Apache Software Foundation

Subversion 1.7, first feature release after moving to Apache Software Foundation is announced. Starting from this, Subversion will be released under Apache License, version 2 instead of the modified Apache license used by Tigris.

Are You Leaving Office On Time or Late Continuously?

Before reading further; just try and answer the question "Are you leaving the office on-time or late continuously?" and keep the answer to yourself. Most of the employees in an organization have to follow a plan, stick to a schedule. Also there are estimates for the tasks that are pending completion. As an employee in an organization, if you are not leaving the office on time as planned, you must be spoiling the working culture

Firefox Address (Location) Bar Hidden or Missing

Firefox Address bar (or Location bar) is not visible suddenly and browser looks some what similar to the image shown here. Though Navigation bar is visible; there is no space to enter a URL? Sometimes users face this issue though it is not that common. This article shows how to resolve the issue; considering the user is not an expert in configuring Firefox.

Steve Jobs - Most innovative genius is no more

October 5th is going to be a sad day to technology lovers. As you all are aware; Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc. has passed away at the age of 56 on 5th October 2011. As common to everybody, he also did not have a smooth flow of nicely organized stages in his life; but Steve was praising that as the most important part that created the path to his innovations. One such example is the tragedy of getting fired from the Apple company which he co-founded. You already know this fact, but how would you have responded?
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