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Winning Plus grows and loosing Buzz dies at Google

Google has decided to shutdown Buzz in few weeks raising the closed product count to around 20. With the growing popularity of GMail, Google introduced Buzz in February 2010 as an integrated product to GMail which could easily attract users into Google's Social Networking product.

However Buzz failed to attract much users; may be because it was something in between a Twitter and a Facebook. At the early stages, Buzz faced a privacy issue causing user's to think twice because using it. Though Google resolved the privacy issues, it was too late. According to our experiences this is an expected news which Google postponed till a better replacement is found. Both Google Plus and Buzz are catering the same requirement for Google; creating a Social Networking product into Google product base.

As Google mentioned;
"We learned a lot from products like Buzz, and are putting that learning to work every day in our vision for products like Google+".

As a proof of above statement, Google Plus considered Privacy as the main concern and came up with a feature named Circle. Google Plus web interface made it simple to understand how this new privacy feature functions. Another good restriction is the age limit; only users over 18+ are allowed to create Plus accounts as Google is still working on proper safety additions.

According to early analysis, Plus is definitely growing well unlike Buzz. However Google has a long way to go, as the required user base is huge. According to social networking giant Facebook's statistics, it has 800 million user base while Google has around 40 million (within 3 months). According to statistics, 800 million is still bigger compared to Google's GMail user base; but let's wait and see.

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