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Subversion 1.7 Released - Under Apache Software Foundation

Subversion 1.7, first feature release after moving to Apache Software Foundation is announced. Starting from this, Subversion will be released under Apache License, version 2 instead of the modified Apache license used by Tigris.

Interesting features

One single .svn folder

This is the most interesting feature for us. In Subversion 1.7 meta data will be stored into a single location at the root directory. As you are aware, currently there are .svn folders inside each and every folder of the working copy of your project. Instead of that there will be just one .svn directory in the root of the working copy.

New Command: svn patch

In Subversion 1.7 a new sub command is introduced named "patch" (i.e: svn patch) which can be used to apply patch files to a working copy. This command supports newly created files as well as deleted files.

Compatibility with 1.6

Older clients and servers will work fine with 1.7 even though new features will not be functional.

Download distributions

Distributions can be downloaded from following locations.
Attempted to lock an already-locked dir: Subversion issue
svnadmin create a new empty project repository in subversion (svn) in Linux

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