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[Eclipse] How to use local DTDs to validate XMLs

By default Eclipse does not support local DTD files. Because of this, many developers loose a privilege of Eclipse; content assistance for parameter/attribute is missing while working with DTD based XML files. However if you are connected to Internet, you will not face this issue.

Here is a tip to show you how to point your Eclipse instance to local DTD files.

[Eclipse] Exporting & Importing Launch configurations

Many Eclipse "Launch Configuration" created has so much details; OSGi configurations for instance. So there arises a requirement of exporting the launch configurations and later importing them into other Eclipse workspaces. Interestingly, Eclipse has an import/export feature for "Launch Configuration"; which is quite simple but handy. I believe some software developers are not taking the advantage of this.

Here are the steps to follow.
1. Exporting ConfigurationsFirst you need to select:
  File -> Export...
Then select:
  Run/Debug -> Launch Configurations

Then you will see a view with all available launch configurations as shown below. You can select the configurations you need to export. You need a provide a location to store the exported configurations.

Each configuration will be saved into separate XML files, but with the extension as ".launch". 2. Importing ConfigurationsSimilar to export, first you need to select:
  File -> Import...

[Eclipse] org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Could not find bundle: org.eclipse.equinox.console

With latest Eclipse Kepler 4.3.1 SR1, I tried to run one of my older OSGi projects. Earlier this project was running smoothly with Eclipse Indigo (3.7.1).

However, when I tried to execute it via Eclipse Kepler version as a "OSGI Framework" configuration; I was surprised since it showed an exception as org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Could not find bundle: org.eclipse.equinox.console .

OSGi Console of Eclipse Kepler 4.3.1

Eclipse IDE is developed based on OSGi plugin architecture, but I had not seen the list of OSGi bundles that are used in my Eclipse installation. Today I noticed that there is a way to find the list of bundled used, and it is quite simple. So I thought of sharing it with you.

I am running Eclipse version 4.3.1 (JEE Kepler). First we need to open the OSGi console of the running Eclipse instance.

[Ubuntu] Multiple launchers for each individual Eclipse installation

I have multiple Eclipse versions installed in my Ubuntu 12.04, so I wanted to have separate launcher icons in Launchpad. However I noticed it is not possible to create launch icons simply using:
"Right click -> Lock to Launcher" approach since the same launcher icon is used for all Eclipse installations; simply said there will be only one launcher icon for all Eclipse installations. 

It is quite easy to create multiple launcher icons for multiple installations. Below is the 4 steps you need to follow.

[Java] Validate opening & closing character pattern in text

How to validate the format of a given string according to a given set of opening-closing character pairs? This has been raised as an interview question, so I thought of writing a simple program to solve this.

Let me elaborate the question. There are characters that are considered as opening characters and closing characters; when '(' is an opening character, the relevant closing character is ')' For example; ([]) is correctly formatted, but ([) is not. So your task is to find out whether all the starting characters are properly ended with a ending character.

[Jenkins] Automatically retry a failed build

Are your Jenkins builds failing due to unavoidable reasons like unavailability of external databases, file systems etc? The only solution you might be having right now is to reschedule the build after fixing that external issue. In this post, I will be discussing on how you can automatically rerun a failed build.

Log4j: Quickly integrate with Java project

This is a quick guide on how to use log4j in your Java project. This task requires only five simple steps listed below. Each of these step is explained in details below.

Set up the project with log4j Create file Write a class to record log messages Compile and run program Check the log messages

Find which process holds a port number in Linux

Here is a simple tip to find out the process that has bounded a given port number. Address already in use - this is an error log message that software developers and deployment engineers encounter quite often since the same application or process is already running in the background occupying the port. Below we will locate a process based on the port.

[Ubuntu] DeVeDe generated DVD menus not working

DeVeDe is a popular software for DVD creation, and I am using 3.21.0 version of that on Ubuntu 12.04 to generate DVDs from different files of .avi, .mpg and .mp4 types. However after the upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04, I was facing issues with the menus of generated DVD. Recently, I noticed that this is due to an incompatibility issue with ffmpeg solution provided by Ubuntu

[Ubuntu] Troubleshoot USB Pen drives with powerful tools

My USB pen drive was not detected in Ubuntu 12.04 suddenly, so I tried it with Windows, but the result was same. That isolated the issue to the pen drive itself than the operating system. With Ubuntu, I used a lot of powerful tools to resolve this issue, and I am recording those below hoping that will help someone. However please note that there is no guarantee that these tools and instructions are going to resolve the issues you might face with your pen drives.

Thunderbird: Search by Attachment Name

Finding emails which included had a particular attachment is really important. Last week I happened to digg through my email box to find a number of emails that contained a particular document as an attachment. The only information I know about those emails is; those contained this particular attachment. So how can I find the email?

It is quite simple; since the filename is already known, search box on top right-hand side can be used. As shown in the below image, you need to type the filename inside inverted comma.

Minimum difference in two sorted arrays

Given two sorted arrays of same length, find pairs of numbers (one from each array) which has the minimum distance between those two numbers. This is the last weeks Thursday Coding Puzzle. Since both arrays are sorted, binary search is going be really useful in searching the values in arrays.
Even though this problem is not related to finding the exact matches as in binary search, it is easy to solve this problem with the same approach used in binary search.

Java: Binary Search (recursive) & TestCases

Test cases for Binary search might not be something you have already written, but the implementation must be an old exercise you may have done in your algorithm lessons. May be it is easy for you to write it yourself without referring to examples or helping materials? I think it's time for you to try it yourself if you have not done it

Google Calendar: Add Country Holidays

Google Calendar with holidays of your country; is this something you are not quite familiar? Does colleagues from other countries schedule meetings on holidays of your country? If it is, no one else is there to blame (other than you); they are not aware of those holidays unless otherwise you notify them. The simplest way is to mark those days as holidays in your calendar, but it is not practical to add all of those manually. 

[Part 2] Finding Second Highest Frequent Characters using Java

Initial part of finding second highest frequency characters in a text was discussed previously and covered the scenarios where a single character is the most frequent. Since this is the continuation post of that, I strongly recommend you to read the first part before this. The intention of this second post is to cover the scenarios at which the previous program failed, specifically the scenarios where multiple characters are of the same frequencies.

Finding Second Highest Frequent Character in a text with Java

Finding second highest frequency character in a text is last weeks Thursdays Dzone Code Puzzle. Intention of this post is to try and work out this interview oriented problem in Java with you by explaining the way I am approaching this task. In return, both you and myself can learn through a discussion. 

Firefox: Dramatic change in release version patterns

History of Firefox starts in 2002, when a new flavor of Mozilla was released under the name Phoenix. With the release of 0.6 it was renamed as as Mozilla Firebird, but it lasted only for two releases. This most popular name "Firefox" was introduced with the 0.8 release, and it continues as of the time of this post. Initially, Firefox made a major release every two years with minor releases in between.

Two yearly
Version 0.1 - 2002
Version 1.0 - 2004
Version 2.0 - 2006
Version 3.0 - 2008

Saying 'Good Bye' to my long silence...

My dear regular readers are already aware that I was away from blogging for around two years; and this post is to notify all of you that I am back, starting to share knowledge again as earlier. The only reason for my silence was my master's in Computer Science, six years after my bachelors in Computer Sciences & Engineering. As I have gained a lot of experience from the industry, I decided to improve academic foundation further; and I feel the decision was correct. During my masters, I was privileged in learning so many different subject matters like distributed computing, high performance computing, wireless networking, natural language processing. Most interestingly, I selected cryptography for my research thesis, which I love the most.
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