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Google Calendar: Add Country Holidays

Google Calendar with holidays of your country; is this something you are not quite familiar? Does colleagues from other countries schedule meetings on holidays of your country? If it is, no one else is there to blame (other than you); they are not aware of those holidays unless otherwise you notify them. The simplest way is to mark those days as holidays in your calendar, but it is not practical to add all of those manually. 

[Part 2] Finding Second Highest Frequent Characters using Java

Initial part of finding second highest frequency characters in a text was discussed previously and covered the scenarios where a single character is the most frequent. Since this is the continuation post of that, I strongly recommend you to read the first part before this. The intention of this second post is to cover the scenarios at which the previous program failed, specifically the scenarios where multiple characters are of the same frequencies.

Finding Second Highest Frequent Character in a text with Java

Finding second highest frequency character in a text is last weeks Thursdays Dzone Code Puzzle. Intention of this post is to try and work out this interview oriented problem in Java with you by explaining the way I am approaching this task. In return, both you and myself can learn through a discussion. 

Firefox: Dramatic change in release version patterns

History of Firefox starts in 2002, when a new flavor of Mozilla was released under the name Phoenix. With the release of 0.6 it was renamed as as Mozilla Firebird, but it lasted only for two releases. This most popular name "Firefox" was introduced with the 0.8 release, and it continues as of the time of this post. Initially, Firefox made a major release every two years with minor releases in between.

Two yearly
Version 0.1 - 2002
Version 1.0 - 2004
Version 2.0 - 2006
Version 3.0 - 2008

Saying 'Good Bye' to my long silence...

My dear regular readers are already aware that I was away from blogging for around two years; and this post is to notify all of you that I am back, starting to share knowledge again as earlier. The only reason for my silence was my master's in Computer Science, six years after my bachelors in Computer Sciences & Engineering. As I have gained a lot of experience from the industry, I decided to improve academic foundation further; and I feel the decision was correct. During my masters, I was privileged in learning so many different subject matters like distributed computing, high performance computing, wireless networking, natural language processing. Most interestingly, I selected cryptography for my research thesis, which I love the most.
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