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Thunderbird: Search by Attachment Name

Finding emails which included had a particular attachment is really important. Last week I happened to digg through my email box to find a number of emails that contained a particular document as an attachment. The only information I know about those emails is; those contained this particular attachment. So how can I find the email?

It is quite simple; since the filename is already known, search box on top right-hand side can be used. As shown in the below image, you need to type the filename inside inverted comma.

Minimum difference in two sorted arrays

Given two sorted arrays of same length, find pairs of numbers (one from each array) which has the minimum distance between those two numbers. This is the last weeks Thursday Coding Puzzle. Since both arrays are sorted, binary search is going be really useful in searching the values in arrays.
Even though this problem is not related to finding the exact matches as in binary search, it is easy to solve this problem with the same approach used in binary search.

Java: Binary Search (recursive) & TestCases

Test cases for Binary search might not be something you have already written, but the implementation must be an old exercise you may have done in your algorithm lessons. May be it is easy for you to write it yourself without referring to examples or helping materials? I think it's time for you to try it yourself if you have not done it
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