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Find which process holds a port number in Linux

Here is a simple tip to find out the process that has bounded a given port number. Address already in use - this is an error log message that software developers and deployment engineers encounter quite often since the same application or process is already running in the background occupying the port. Below we will locate a process based on the port.

[Ubuntu] DeVeDe generated DVD menus not working

DeVeDe is a popular software for DVD creation, and I am using 3.21.0 version of that on Ubuntu 12.04 to generate DVDs from different files of .avi, .mpg and .mp4 types. However after the upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04, I was facing issues with the menus of generated DVD. Recently, I noticed that this is due to an incompatibility issue with ffmpeg solution provided by Ubuntu

[Ubuntu] Troubleshoot USB Pen drives with powerful tools

My USB pen drive was not detected in Ubuntu 12.04 suddenly, so I tried it with Windows, but the result was same. That isolated the issue to the pen drive itself than the operating system. With Ubuntu, I used a lot of powerful tools to resolve this issue, and I am recording those below hoping that will help someone. However please note that there is no guarantee that these tools and instructions are going to resolve the issues you might face with your pen drives.
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