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[Ubuntu] DeVeDe generated DVD menus not working

DeVeDe is a popular software for DVD creation, and I am using 3.21.0 version of that on Ubuntu 12.04 to generate DVDs from different files of .avi, .mpg and .mp4 types. However after the upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04, I was facing issues with the menus of generated DVD. Recently, I noticed that this is due to an incompatibility issue with ffmpeg solution provided by Ubuntu (detailed bug is found here).

Simplest workaround for this issue is to avoid the use of ffmpeg, and interestingly DeVeDe provides an option to do this.

Go to "Edit -> Preferences"
then uncheck "Use FFMPEG instead of Mencoder" as shown in the below image.

That setting will resolve this problem.

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  1. actually it's not ffmpeg at all. It's the fact that Debian/Ubuntu ruined av/multimedia by "forking" ffmpeg into their "libav" mess that it is now.

    "FFmpeg" is very much alive, in "Arch" for example, and used in many apps, and much more uptodate than Debian's crappy fork.

    I left Debian/Ubuntu a couple years ago when they started doing crap like that.
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