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[Ubuntu] Multiple launchers for each individual Eclipse installation

I have multiple Eclipse versions installed in my Ubuntu 12.04, so I wanted to have separate launcher icons in Launchpad. However I noticed it is not possible to create launch icons simply using:
"Right click -> Lock to Launcher" approach since the same launcher icon is used for all Eclipse installations; simply said there will be only one launcher icon for all Eclipse installations. 

It is quite easy to create multiple launcher icons for multiple installations. Below is the 4 steps you need to follow.

1. Create <eclipse-name>.desktop files for each installation

I created eclipse-jee-kepler.desktop file inside Kepler Eclipse installation folders, but you use any preferred location.

2. Update <eclipse-name>.desktop file with information

For "Eclipse JEE Kepler" installation, add the below content to eclipse-jee-kepler.desktop. You will have to change the path to the executable eclipse file.
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Eclipse JEE Kepler
Comment=Eclipse JEE Kepler

You can create an eclipse.ico file to be displayed in the Launchpad yourself. As displayed here, I have created a simple file for my usage.

3. Grant permission to execute

Right click on this eclipse-jee-kepler.desktop file and select "Properties". Then go to the "Permissions" tab and select execute permission as shown in the image.

4. Run the eclipse installation

You can double click on the eclipse-jee-kepler.desktop file to start your eclipse installation. When this eclipse installation is started, the provided eclipse.ico will be displayed in the Launchpad. Now you can create a launch icon simply using "Right click -> Lock to Launcher".


For each of your eclipse installations, you can create separate files with above 4 steps; then replace the property values to match with each eclipse installations (including a separate .ico).

If you are interested in finding more information about Unity Launchers and Desktop files, you can refer here.


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