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Transfer domain to namecheap in 2 steps

Transferring internet domain name registration from any registrar to namecheap is quite simple and straightforward and involves only 2 steps. I am writing this to express how happy I am, on my domain transfer experience. Before looking at the steps, let's check motivational factors behind my decision on transferring the domain to namecheap.

Motivations for namecheap

I had few motivations compared to my previous internet domain name registration.
  1. Ease of use & great customer service rumor
    • Yes, this rumor proved true in my transfer experience
  2. Username is my email address
    • Seriously! my previous website domain name registrar used a 7 digit number to identify me & I could never remember it. I believe it to be a security feature, but I am not happy with that approach.
  3. Originally paid remaining period is carried forward
    • For my transfer, the expiry date was set including the remaining duration in previous registra. Read more details here
  4. Namecheap promotions for transfers
    • With that, the cost is $ 9.02 at the time I did the transfer
  5. Free Whois protection
    • This is free and saves some money but only for the first year, so I do not count this as a motivation. 

Steps in domain transfer

As mentioned above, this has only two steps.

Step 1 - Follow the straightforward UI

Search for the domain name, click transfer & follow the simple UI. I am not listing down the details as the steps are straightforward.

Step 2 - Chat with online support members

From the point you get stuck or looking for some help, simply use the support. The online chat support is extremely good, I would call it a rockstar. They will stay with you online and do all the needed configurations/changes and instructs on anything to be done on previous registrar's end. You chat will be completed only when everything is in place; at least that is how it ended for me 😄.

Disclaimer: I am not an employee of


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